Detective Pikachu

Pokémon’s newest feature film launches in the uk - 2019

To celebrate the launch of Pokémon’s first ever live action film - Detective Pikachu - we were tasked with creating the family event of half term. We wanted to create an inclusive, free to attend, event that would be fun for all the family, as well as existing Pokémon fans capitalizing on the Pokémon world.

We created a few different concepts, but built our main idea closet to the theme of the new film, giving participants the chance to ‘JOIN THE PIKACLUE HUNT AND CRACK THE CASE’. This experimental event will encourage families to become Pokémon detectives and feel like they are part of the film as they embark on a brag-worth, clue-collecting adventure together. They’ll be immersed in a film noir event atmosphere, unlock exclusive bonus content and receive some fantastic freebies to remember the event by.

Families will arrive at ‘base camp’ together where they can trade Pokemon cards, play games from the franchise, access bonus content, try Pika-brew refreshments and can start their hunt adventure experience at the Ryme City Police Briefing station (straight from the movie).

Families will then visit the unique clue stops and by working through the puzzles at each spot, they’ll receive exclusive Pikaclue Item Cards (detective themed cards designed to give them an advantage in the game). After visiting 3 adventure stops, participants will be eligible to enter a prize-draw competition to win goody bags and game bundles, but if they visit all 6 they’ll take home an exclusive Pokemon event t-shirt.

Stops would include sets straight from the movie including Harry’s Apartment where participants could learn how to dust for fingerprints, and embrace their detective side, complete with actors who will help to point everyone in the right direction. Other stops could also include fun family challenges to complete and increase your skill level such as ‘Squirtle’s Water Challenge’ which will be relevant to the movie storyline and encourage interaction and excitment from passing crowds too.

To raise awareness of the event we’ll also create giant Pokeballs that can mark the destination spots in the build up to the event, as well as creating buzz on social and inviting influencers to interact with the event. We’ll use internal projection screens to make these Pokeballs glow from within and create a window into the Pokemon world. These could be pushed further by adding AR to enhance the experience, and allow participants to unlock the Pokemon and their worlds - that are hidden inside.

During the event, we’ll use Pokémon graffiti throughout the experience to hide ‘Easter Eggs’ for older audiences. It’ll also make for a great photo background so our attendees can capture some memories and share them on social with #Pikaclues.

The whole event will be Instagram friendly, and we will work will local/commuter belt publications to help PR the event to families looking for fun/free half term events.