The Alex Rider Book Series

These books have been around for a while. But that poses a problem: the original fans are all adults now. How do we get young kids to not only pick up the most recent book, but read the entire series?


11 books, 11 missions

We'll create a world they want to be part of. A world for undercover spy kids that lives and breathes digital.

We'll use Facebook (Facebook Live, Facebook 360, Live photos, sharing, tagging, etc.) to spread videos and encourage kids to up their observation skills, and give them a sense of what it’s really like to be a spy! They'll collect clues, digits, codes, etc, along the way which will unlock their own secret spy arena on the Alex Rider site. 


Incentivising Interaction:

• A spot on the YHA Spy Academy

• Spy tours of London

• Early access to book 12


But we also looked at the different types of media consumed by our target audience. They love YouTube... So we created another route too...

Are you Alex Rider?

Alex was trained to be a spy without even realising it. Why don’t we adopt the same technique and create the perfect YouTube spy channel to teach all the necessary skills in short bursts.

We'll set up a channel You Spy on YouTube and  post a collection of skills-based videos to help kids engage with Alex’s wealth and breadth of knowledge – each 30 to 90 seconds in length so we can keep our young audience engaged. A few suggestions based on our research and Alex’s training are:

Secret skills – Master of martial arts

Secret skills – Talk easy, blend in

Secret skills – Parkour power

Secret skills – Camp champ

Final Mission: a Decision Tree style video in which the kids can choose their own paths, and see how they fare on a secret spy mission, and what type of spy they are.