Vita Coco takes on the Sugar Tax

Skip the #SugarHangover

The truth is out – sugar is addictive. Thanks to the sugar tax, people will probably be looking to curb their sugar habit. But let’s be real, it’s almost impossible to avoid sugar completely. We can, however, encourage a Sugar Recovery. Consumers can clean up their act and get their fix with Vita Coco. It’s packed full of nutrients to help you skip the #SugarHangover and recover in style.


The road to recovery

We want to make Vita Coco the go-to drink to help people kick their sugar addictions without the dreaded withdrawal symptoms (spoiler - it's not pretty). With Vita Coco, your #SugarHangover will be a thing of the past.



Sugar Recovery Sessions with VITA COCO

Welcome to the Vita Coco Sugar Recovery Centre, where recovering sugar addicts can refresh, refuel and recover from their post-Easter sugar comas.

We can go down the wellness route and offer lunchtime yoga and meditation classes to help get their minds off sugar. We’ll even offer free Vita Coco IVs (with straws) so people can sip, unwind, and detox.



The recovery kit

This kit can go out as a PR desk-drop or Influencer targeting campaign.

We’ll include a leaflet to encourage recipients to ditch the sugar and skip the hangover with Vita Coco.

And to amp up the credibility, we've got some science facts to back us up and really tap in to the wellness trend. 


Sweeter together…

Vita Coco would pair well with other low-sugar brands to really amp up our sugar recovery idea.

  • Weetabix

  • Graze

  • Popchips

  • Snack a Jacks

  • Jordans

  • Shredded Wheat